Germany people lost confidence in banks, cash at home

Germany people are far away from the Bank, chose to cash in a place they considered safer–safe for household use. This situation is 1xbet that in recent years despite declining interest rates, the Germans will still save some cash in the savings account for a rainy day. In their view, bank accounts safe and easy. Recently, however, many people’s views changed. 82 year old pensioner Uwe Wiese said in an interview with the Wall Street Journal, he recently bought a home safe, to hold the 53,000 euros. “Money in the Bank and they won’t pay you interest, and not only that, but you still have to pay. “

In Germany Hamburg home safe retailer said Thies Hartmann, Managing Director of the Hamburger Stahltresor GmbH: “safe manufacturers operating close to its limit. “He also said, the company’s sales are up 25% since 2014. Manufacturer lead time is lengthened, some manufacturers even working three shifts to production. In order to promote economic growth and encourage lending, the European Central Bank starting in 2014 the use of negative interest rates, charging interest on bank deposits to banks. Germany some banks will pass on negative interest rates of the European Central Bank to large commercial customers, companies and institutional investors, but few appear to charge individual depositors.

But this month, Germany Bavarian Mountains area is a small cooperative bank broke a taboo, fees on deposits begin wealthy clients. According to Reuters, the Bank from September, the current account to more than 100,000 euros a 0.4% storage fee. Such accounts allow savers to withdraw cash. Not only individual depositors, even banks and other financial institutions trying to hold more cash in and of itself. Munich Re said earlier this year, will keep more than 20 million euros in cash in a vault.

Other Germany banks, including the country’s second-largest bank, Germany Commerzbank said it had considered the adoption of the above measures. 1xbet but according to local media reports, when a Switzerland from which pension funds trying to extract large sums of cash, and stored in a vault when the Bank refused to cash. Interface reported previously, diamonds and precious metals for storage and transportation company Malca-Amit, which is located in Singapore’s Vault and safe storage of gold, silver and precious stones, have increased in the past year almost 90%. Popular due to negative interest rates, economic stagnation and political uncertainty, makes the world’s rich investors looking for safe havens.

How You Can Permanently Modify Your Outlook on Life

In Europe, it’s quite common for young men and women to adopt exactly what is often called a “gap” year when they’ve finished their own essential training, however, before they head to University. Those who are able to afford it normally holiday in this time. Those people who are so inclined might go to a third-world land and also volunteer to work with a good church quest. Some people simply select a nation that they have continually thought to visit and head that way, potentially acquire a job while there, and merely take pleasure in the wonderful opportunity to discover the entire world (and themselves) when they are nonetheless footloose plus fancy free. It’s a people sort of point.

In case you check out this article on Life As a Human ( you will have a chance to achieve a little more about the advantages of taking time off to discover yourself plus too, you are going to learn that you won’t need to always manifest as a youngster right out of school. Adults of all ages plus from all areas of life are usually even right now considering taking a year off of life, and also the advantages they’re prone to acquire by doing this. Quite a few grown ups adhere to a “default” route at about the time they will finish their education and learning. They will find more training (or not) as his or her mother and father dictate. These people find work because they are available. They often times get wed due to the fact an individual asked. Subsequently, along come kids. The next thing they are aware, they may be so saddled with responsibilities that they could hardly take in air, let alone acquire ‘ year down for personal and planet exploration.

Nevertheless, there are still several whom managed to achieve this. They may have to wait until the particular period is appropriate, nevertheless the prospect sooner or later arrives his or her way, and they get that brass ring. You will never know what can be found on typically the opposite side in their experience? One thing they’re going to always bear in mind, that is for certain. One benefit connected with traveling and also spending time for your personal self is always that introspection in combination with journey tends to produce rich fruit. When folks go spots that they have by no means already been ahead of, they have an inclination to watch elements with new eyes, as well as gain clean viewpoint, outlook which usually stays with them when they lastly return to their homes as transformed men and women.